you're gonna go far kid.

{ Part of Unity Tower RP }

{ the coolest of cool } || Foster & Prof. Ceiba


"Now, where could it…have gotten too…." Cecilia muttered to herself, rummaging through her purse, looking for her dollars. She was so unorganized, this wasn’t the first time she had misplaced her money. Heaving a sigh, she shakes her head and looks up at the cashier. "I must’ve dropped it down one of the aisles, silly me! Would you excuse me while I—-"


Out of the blue, a hand reaches over and settles the missing twenty dollars on top of Ceiba’s items - coffee grounds, $5 DVDs from the bargain bin, and feminine products - causing the professor to whip her head around to see who this savior was. It was a boy, a little younger than herself, dressed rather casually.

"My, you’re so kind!" She beamed, her eyes full of gratitude. "Gosh, I don’t know what I would’ve done if I had lost it for good! Perhaps leave empty-handed I suppose but," Ceiba bowed before him, coming up with a huge grin on her face. "Thank you so much for your generosity!" 

The cashier leaned over the register, impatiently clicking her nails on the countertop and sighing, as the two strangers interacted. “I’m so terribly unorganized, this was very kind of you!” The professor stood back, winking at him. “My name is Ceiba. Cecilia, you can say. It’s a pleasure to meet you!”

Foster smiled a bit at the woman. “Its not a big deal.” Of course, he was going to act cool around her. He was the coolest of cool. He was surprised at her wink. It was something he didn’t expect in the slightest. 

"Ceiba? Cecilia?" He used his free hand to rustle his hair. "Can I call you Cece for short?" It wasn’t that he didn’t like like her name, he actually found it to be quite pretty. "My name is Foster, its nice to meet you as well."

Shifting the basket into his other hand she looked over to the cashier. They didn’t seem very happy to have to wait for the pair to finish their conversation. Turning his attention back to Ceiba he shrugged. “How about we pay up and take this outside?” 


its getting colder i can feel the plants         slowly dying(:


its getting colder i can feel the plants         slowly dying(:

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You're Gonna Go Far, Kid
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The Offspring | You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid

Caped Coolsader. { Foster & Clair }

It was Wednesday, and a fairly cold one at that. Though there wasn’t much sun, Foster was hardly seen without his favorite pair of sunglasses. The Pokemon sitting atop his shoulder was non other than Denne. The Kalos native rodent nestled into his scarf as they walked around the small park in Castelia City.

They found a bench with another person on it. Normally one would notice her blue hair over anything else. No, Foster noticed the cool cape she was wearing. The man sat in the empty space on the bench. Though he was an adult, he hardly acted like one. 

The male looked over to the woman, he only stole glances. Surely he wouldn’t actually try to talk to someone as cool as her. She was on some next level stuff compared to him. Without warning, Denne jumped off his shoulder and began to sniff the womans hand. 

"Oh shit, i’m sorry. Denne stop that." Foster was quick to pick up the Pokemon. "He’s a curious little thing, just cant keep his hands off of anything." Placing the rodent into the space of his scarf he offered a smile to the woman. "I hope its not a problem, he didn’t mean any harm."

update: i’m going to update my headcanon w/ some things, i’m going to make Foster a little older and give him a better job because rn he just works at the pokemart and thats lame esp if ur like 24. 

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{ the coolest of cool } O P E N

Foster hung up his apron for the day. Work was finally over and he was ready to go home and spend some time with his cute Pokemon. As he was leaving through the Pokemarts back room, he realized he was hungry. It was really crappy not being able to feed yourself and your Pokemon at the same time, but hey he was in school to get himself a career. Kinda. 

As he walked along one of Castelia’s main roads, he picked a convenience store and entered. Inside he was sure to get a basket, and a lot of cheap ramen. Also, Spam. He could get down on some spam and rice. Looking at the drinks, he realized they were expensive. There was only one thing here he wanted. Koolaid. It was four packets for a dollar and that was a good deal. Getting twenty packs he went towards the register. 

Nearing the register, he noticed that someone had dropped a twenty dollar bill on the floor. Foster was quick to swoop it up. Looking at both sides, he looked around for the owner. There was only one person at the register, and it seemed they were looking for their cash. 

"Hey, you dropped this back there." Placing it on top of their items waiting to be bought, he sighed. He was a poor that needed extra cash at any chance he could get, but he was way too cool to take money that belonged to someone else. 

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